Welcome to Africa TrAID

An immensely successful program, Africa TrAID is one of One City’s economic empowerment programs providing life-sustaining income to hundreds of families living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Above Fair-Trade prices have been paid for the handmade items sold through this website. For many, this has made the difference between life and death, providing our craftspeople with the ability to obtain, on their own, essential goods and services. The wages One City has paid its workers has built homes, provided medical care, financed new businesses, paid school fees, and provided entrepreneurial skills and business training for thousands living in poverty.

Today however as a direct result of the Pandemic there is a countrywide lockdown in force. This has quite literally closed the entire country to all foreign and domestic travel… and international tourism has been the lifeblood of millions in Uganda.

The Africa TrAID program has been an opportunity for people from all walks of life. Disabled artists, single moms, grandparents raising grandchildren and young people have now had the proverbial rug pulled out from under them… their livelihood, their only source of income has at least temporarily vaporized. Tragically, for many just as they were getting a leg up and beginning to advance in life.


One of One City’s core values is to provide opportunity through Empowerment, Encouragement, and Education. To provide lasting solutions to sustainably lift people out of poverty! Our motto is “providing a Hand Up… Not a Hand-out!” This monumental crisis has forced us to come up with some creative solutions to a complex problem… how to help while still requiring people to have skin in the game when there is no game (no work). So, what we have decided to do is offer select portions of our Africa TrAID inventory at greatly reduced prices… we want to sell as much as we can. We will then use the money raised through the sale to put our artisans “back to work” and get some much-needed relief money back in their pockets!

You are just a few steps away from the Fair-Trade artists from some of the world`s poorest communities.  By shopping with us and buying our products you are “making a difference”. Your purchase helps transform, change and save lives. How great is that? You are also supporting an ethically minded ministry you can trust to continue raising up and empowering people to break the chain of poverty!

 You can participate by choosing one or two of the stunning paintings featured on the next few pages. See our ‘Featured Painters’ below!